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com/question/what-does-the-econ-button-do-onDec 15, 2015 If your car is equipped with it, the Econ button provides you with the means to go a little bit greener with your daily driving. The 17-inch all-season, low rolling resistance tires roll more easily down the road so the Dodge Grand Don't shorten your family getaway for fear of spending too much money at the pump:the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan gets up to 25 highway mpg! Coast right past the pump and keep on singing to your favorite tunes. Here's how each of these work. LOW ROLLING RESISTANCE TIRES. Nov 15, 2016 "When the ECON mode is activated, several operating characteristics of the vehicle are modified for enhanced fuel efficiency. Ergo increasing fuel economy when driving longer. Interior View Of 2015 Dodge Grand Prepare to take on your daily commutes with the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan. To activate it, all you have to do is press the “ECON” button in the center stack. Salerno Duane 2017 Grand Caravan Models in NJ: 2017 Dodge . Press the green button, and the ECON mode relaxes throttle response, allows for greater Oct 17, 2012 -There should be an "Econ" button down below the radio that lights up a green leaf when you press it. If the driver is The 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan offers both efficiency and power when you hit those New Hampshire roads. The 2017 Grand Caravan provides you with a fuel economizer, simply press the ECON button and activate this system. The Dodge Grand Caravan features a fuel economizer that adjusts engine timing and transmission shift points to optimize fuel economy8. The Grand Caravan This value-saving feature is as easy as pressing a button. 2017-dodge-grandcaravan-fuelefficiency-fueleconomizer. Just press the ECON button to activate it. Nov 6, 2013 Activating the fuel economizer feature is simple: All you have to do is press the ECON button in the center stack, and a green light will indicate the ECON mode is engaged. It adjusts engine timing and transmission shift points to optimize fuel economy. 2017-dodge-grandcaravan-fuelefficiency-resistancetires Oct 30, 2012 Having just driven a rental 2012 van with the ECON button, I have been wondering about it's purpose and whether it actually adds anything. Seriously, simply press the "ECON" button to activate! So if you are shopping for a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan in San Bernardino then come visit Moss Bros Chrysler Jeep Dodge Jeep RAM San Bernardino to test drive one today. Econ driving mode helps to deliver better fuel mileage by changing the way the engine It Adjusts the shift timings making it shift harder at low speeds and easier at high speeds. That changes the TCM- it locks up the torque converter sooner and shifts less, even skipping gears. Automatics are funny- if the driver is going to be an idiot, more gears give better mpg. The fuel economizer adjusts engine timing and transmission shift points to supply you with The 17-inch all-season, low rolling resistance tires are designed to roll easier down the road allowing the Grand Caravan to burn less fuel moving them. My understanding is that the programming of the shift points in the transmission computer is altered depending on whether ECON is on or not ???? When ECON is on Oct 3, 2012 Regardless, pressing the "Eco" or "Econ" button on your new car could alter throttle response, decrease the air conditioning and change transmission shift points. Q: What does the Econ button do on? | YourMechanic Answers www. The drive-by-wire throttle system provides more gradual response and, to save additional energy, the climate control's fan speeds are lowered incrementally, while other climate Jun 30, 2015 If you want to get the most mpg out of a CR-V, keep on ECON mode and make sure tires are properly inflated. The CR-V's ECON button is the type of fuel-efficiency mode efficiency-minded owners can set and forget. Here's what you need to know about the system: The Econ button turns on Econ driving mode. In cars such as the Dodge Caravan, Honda Insight, Honda CR-Z and Infiniti M, plus Toyota and Lexus hybrids, Aug 1, 2016 Justin Fuller at Howdy explains the Honda Econ button. Just press the “ECON” button to activate it. yourmechanic. Each Grand Caravan features an "ECON" button that activates the fuel economizer that adjusts the engine timing and transmission shift points to enhance the minivans fuel The Dodge Grand Caravan features a fuel economizer that adjusts engine timing and transmission shift points to optimize fuel economy*. This incredible minivan provides you with a standard V6 engine that offers a modern blend of power and efficiency. A standard fuel economizer allows you to maximize your efficiency; you can press the ECON button and it will adjust engine For optimum fuel efficiency, the Dodge Grand Caravan provides the selectable fuel economizer. For greater fuel efficiency,just press the ECON button and activate the Fuel Economizer