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Hikaru Nakamura. An anime adaptation by Graphinica has aired for the 2017 Fall Season, with Nisio . Opening Song: Raputre by Panorama Panamatown; Ending Song: Keshin no Juu by Do as Infinity. Mass_Carrier 2 months ago#3. Write a comment Spoiler. It is a prequel to their one-shot manga titled Dōshitemo Kanaetai Tatta Hitotsu no Negai to Wari to Sō demo Nai 99 no Negai (どうしても叶えたいたったひとつの願いと割とそうでもない99 Read the topic about Juuni Taisen's Ending [Very Heavy Spoilers] on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!Juuni Taisen (Lit. Being the only anime other than Boruto that I was all caught up on. SPOILERS . Synonym(s). Juuni Taisen. I was pretty stoked after watching the first 3 episodes because it was basically a pull up anime (anime with a bunch of fight or death scenes). . English. 十二大戦. 0. 1:39 AM . RedPannda (NA). Show More Replies. Juuni Taisen. . Avert your eyes if you care about Juuni Taisen spoilers at all. I'm going to depart from my typical spoiler-free policy for this bit. Still the best intro of the season. Anime ini akan tayang pada 3 Oktober nanti. Spoilers here's the dead Dec 22, 2017 A few days ago Juuni Taisen had dropped it's final episode. ⚠ Wow. Sebuah adaptasi manga yang digambar oleh Akira . Dec 19, 2017 Juuni Taisen*, Episode 12: The One Wish That Must Be Granted, and the Ninety-nine That Can Be DoneDec 10, 2017 With less than a handful warriors left on the battlefield, the ongoing Zodiac War is nearing its end on the Japanese action anime series, "Juuni Taisen. Oct 23, 2017 23 October 2017: I can't believe Best Girl is already dead (full-on Juuni Taisen spoilers). May 19, 2015 (Japan) October 04, 2017 [We, The North] - STAND UNRIVALED // There's a Bounty on your head; guess who's the quicker picker upper? ME! BET makes my brain cry. "The War of Twelve") is a Light Novel written by NisiOisiN and illustrated by Hikaru Nakamura. ~ Gnorry. "Basic Information. Release Date. I'm not going to go on a superlong 'Juuni Taisen' Tampilkan Visual Baru Animenya Situs resmi adaptasi anime dari seri buatan buatan Nisio Isin dan Hikaru Nakamura “Juuni Taisen” telah menampilkan sebuah visual baru yang menampilkan para karakternya. Spoiler Title: Due the puns the sayings in each chapter have, some of them turn into major spoilers the more you read. Juuni Taisen was something that was originally set for Summer 2017, but was quickly moved to Fall 2017. Wtf was up with that last episode? They didn't even fight, rat literally won without fighting anyone. 12 Great Wars. Author. Odds are it'll be rat, but so far I don't really like any of them enough to have a favorite. But before I move ahead I wanted to mention that Junni Taisen is kind of a survival game Dec 19, 2017 This to me was one of the better endings of an anime. Login to comment; Edit; Disable Commenting; Disable Voting Dec 12, 2017 Battle Royale Juuni Taisen Gets PV Teasing Final Episode! 0. Juni Taisen is a Japanese light novel written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Hikaru Nakamura. What a wild. Her greatest feat is that she's stopped over 500 wars, by peacefully talking to leaders. Probably a good move . Shueisha (Japan) VIZ Media LLC (US). Kanji. Juuni Taisen (also Juni Taisen: Zodiac War) is I guess "Killing Peacefully" and the power of talking can only get you so far, and weirdly enough she is one of the stronger characters being able to slash a boulder in half with her bare hands. Reply +2. Label. NISIOISIN. 12 Taisen, Zodiac War. "Dec 15, 2017 The winner has finally been decided, and his wish is about to be granted on the twelfth and final episode of the Japanese action anime series, "Juuni Taisen. Rōmaji. Oct 20, 2017 Juuni Taisen is one of my favorites now, 3rd episode of the series was aired a few days back and I noticed a pattern in the narration of the series. Chapter Information. "Nov 30, 2017 A promise is a promise, and Ox intends to keep the one he made to Tiger on the next episode of the Japanese anime series, "Juuni Taisen. Just wow. submitted 17 days ago in General Discussion. Not changing Dec 22, 2017 This blog will contain multiple spoilers. [Deleted] Juuni Taisen. User Info: Mass_Carrier. JUMP jBOOKS. Thanks for a good end. Niwatori Seriously, though, this is great hair. Artist. You have been warned. I very rarely comment but I liked the fact that he didn't go for the obvious "end the Juuni Taisen" or anything of that sorts, it would have been so god damn boring. Publisher. In this post, I'm going to give you a Juuni Taisen Episode 4 spoiler. It was published by Shueisha on May 19, 2015