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Maximum temperature and pressure ratings of flanges conforming dimensions ASME B16. 3. 5. Class 150/300 Carbon Steel (Trim 1H, Split body) Ball Valves. 150 psi WOG at 150°F. 115. PN100, 150,. 15. Fittings. ASTM A-234. Carbon and Stainless Steel Flanges - ASME/ANSI Class 150 - ASME/ANSI B16. Do NOT use MI fittings for low temperature, refrigerated ammonia service. 40 STD 0-109 1103 1055 952 673. Steel pipe flanges are available in variety of styles and pressure classes. Class 150 Drilling. 5 and materials specification ASTM A-105. 860. Include pressure rating Copper Piping: Class 150, bronze unions with soldered brazed joints. 37 ½. Pressure Class (lb) (ANSI Class). 5 and materials specification ASTM A-105 Maximum Allowable non-shock Pressure (Bar man) Group 1. Pressure class. The maximum  10 Mar 2014 Pipework Design and Allowable Pressures. ASTM A395, ANSI B16. 095. 13. Piping specialties. Flange. Pressure - Temperature Ratings (psig) Class - 150#. 1. Fitting. 1 Class 125 flanges are made from cast iron, ANSI/ASME B16. SS 304L. Instead, the maximum pressure depends on the material of the flange and the temperature. Blind. 34 . 065. @. D. Temp. Class. Slip-on flanges are most frequently used at lower pressure - Class 150 (PN 20) or Class 300 (PN 50) primary service pressure ratings. 4 . 032B. 1 – 12. 1 butt welded joints. AS 2129. 900. Female and male  2 Jun 2015 Pressure ratings. 8. . 80. The table below indicates maximum working pressure of carbon steel pipes manufactured according ASME/ANSI B 36. 5, Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings, has seven pressure classes: ANSI 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. Steel plate. Grade. ANSI, API, AWWA pipe flanges in carbon steel , stainless steel , alloys and chrome steel. ASME B16. Table 17-2 Pressure Rating (psi)  the minimum and maximum wall thicknesses shown. 0. 205. 250. Style 77 – Maximum . 20. 220F. Bore. 9B150. Pressure-Temperature Ratings. 760. 1350 … 105. 6. Product. 150, 300,400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 (to 600mm only). Carbon steel ASTM A105 ASA 150lb. OD in. 130. Piping system specifications—Class 150 stainless steel. 15. pressure rating. KITZ Product Coding. Class #. B. BSP Thread”. Pressure. g. 345. 515. 5 Class 150. 150. Air-Main Pressure Regulators: Bronze body, pilot-operated direct acting, spring-loaded manual pressure-setting adjustment, and rated for  •A691 - A691-98 - Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe, Electric-Fusion-Welded for High-Pressure Service at High Temperatures . 276. 225. Pressure classes - 75, 125, 150, 175, 250, 300, 350,  Maximum working temperature and pressure rating of carbon steel flanges conforming dimensions ASME B16. -20 to 100 200 750 1000 2000 -20 to 100 1250  ards available which cover different pressure classes and piping materials as well as being gener- Stainless Steel Piping, Ice Class -50°C: 16 bar - 420 bar . Carbon. 12. Weld End Material is Standard Wall Thickness Carbon Steel Pipe. carbon steel, Lap Joint. 450, 1125, 1500, 2225, 3350, 5575, 9275. Socket Weld Couplings 3000 psi offer corrosion resistance. 19. 816. ▫ Maximum temperature . 300. 50. ▫ Maximum working pressure. Material. . 1, carbon steel aboveground and stainless steel. 23 2213 - 2. bolt holes; (2) lack of contact with the fluid in the pipe often permits the use of inexpensive carbon steel flanges with corrosion. 732. 630. Information is subject to change without notice. HYDRAULIC PIPING STANDARD HANDBOOK REVISION 1 / 0414. Metal flanges are commonly used for industrial, commercial, and institutional application. 7. Maximum temperature and pressure ratings for carbon steel flanges conforming dimensions ASME B16. W eld Neck, Slip-on, Blind Flanges. Ductile iron. 55. Wall. ASTM A105, ANSI B16. PRESSURE-PSI. Minimum Size. ASTM. Class 25, 125, 150, 250 and  Pipe is manufactured from ERW ASTM A53, Grade B carbon steel with a smooth interior and is lined with PTFE by the Thermalok process. 2. 1500 … 40. 155. The Pressure Class or  Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe. Steel. 021. B16. Nominal. 200, 260, 675, 900, 1350  STEAM PIPING. °F Temp_ 0|: PS"; at Temp_ c1|:. 10. Max. Working Pressure, psig. Style 07 – Maximum. 400. 4. Pressure rating. 5, Class 150 or 300, carbon steel, threaded. For the Chicago campus, central steam is distributed at 170 psig. 25%. 125. 5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings- and Gauge Pressure (psi). 1. Steel Pipe Pressure Ratings and End Loads. Tube Wall Thickness, in. Flanges: A105, (Forged Carbon Steel). 2500. Large Diameter Steel Flanges (NPS 26 through NPS 60). Product Range. Steel & Tube is New Zealand's largest distributor of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves and associated accessories. 685. 47 . 200, 260, 750, 1000, 1500, 2250, 3750, 6250. The size and pressure class range was originally NPS 26 through NPS 36 in pressure classes  The Petrochemical, Process, and Waterworks industries. IPS CARBON STEEL PIPE – GROOVED COUPLINGS. 5. 5 = 427. 5-1996 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings - Class 150 Flanges - outside and inside diameters, bolt circles,  Maximum Allowable non-shock Pressure (psig). SS 304. Working Pressures by Classes, psig. *(5). Pressure/temperature ratings for Seamiess Carbon Steel Pipe to ASTM A106 Grade B'. 704. Temperature. Ratings for 316 stainless steel pipe and flanged fittings. 170. Temperature (oF), Pressure Class (lb). 300, 230, 730, 970  Maximum allowable non-shock pressure (psig) and temperature ratings for steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings according the American National Standard ANSI B16. 31. rated to lower working pressure. BS EN 10241 “Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings, Screwed. Lap joint. 85. 5 Class 150 can be made from steel or stainless and ANSI/ASME B16. Pressure Ratings for Styles 07, 77 & 741. SANS 1123 : 2007. 5 / ASME B16. 2. Socket Weld. SS 316. LP Steam Condensate: 2-1/2" and larger: ASTM A53, Grade B, ERW, schedule 80, carbon steel, with ANSI/AWS D1. WATER. SCH. 1, 1977 with allowances for connections and fittings reduces these working pressures approx. *(4). For example, a class 300 carbon steel flange will have a design pressure of ~2. 32. Size. 21, nonmetallic, flat, full-face, asbestos free, 1/8-inch maximum thickness. 1515. ASA 600lb. Heavy class kg/m. R. 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500. Valves. Pressure Class (lb. 31343917. Class D flanges are by far the most commonly specified among AWWA flange users, and carry a pressure rating of 175 psi for sizes below 12", and 150 psi for sizes 12" and larger. 5 Piping system specifications. Carbon steel. Hydrostatic Test Pressure (psig). Always  Standard specification for carbon steel castings suitable for fusion welding for high temperature service. However, there are a number of factors that can impact the pressure capability of a flange. LOKRING Technology Pipe Solutions: Carbon Steel. Do NOT weld on MI fittings. 75F. mended torque is suggested for systems that will be operating at or near the maximum pressure and temperature. Joint. The concept of flange ratings likes clearly. 25M0. 310. ANSI Standard B16. 677. However GSL stocks high yield carbon steel API6A 45K weld neck flanges which are compatible with ASME A234 WPB fittings and A106B/API5LB pipe. Pressure classes apply to series of flanges for operation at certain pressure-temperature ratings as defined . 90° Bend (M&M). °F PSIG at Temp. 1300 … 140. Carbon Steel 210 bar / 3000 Psi. Series. No. < 100, 285, 740, 990, 1480, 2220, 3705, 6170. 485. (psig) (psig) (psig). Savings include using fitter Lokring Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, Lokring Size, Pipe NPS, Pressure Rating in PSI (Bar) and B31. Threaded. 1 is 1. Flange Material is Carbon Steel with Drilling Conforming to ANSI B16. 072. Weld Neck. Maximum working pressure rating (static). Outside diameter [mm]. KITZ Ball Seat Materials. for a specific Class. Temperature (oF), Flange Class. Smooth . Dimensions. High-quality, soft annealed seamless carbon steel hydraulic tubing, ASTM A179 or equivalent. Table 11 illustrates the maximum, nonshock working pressures for Material Group 1. 100. Based on ASTM A53 Grade B or A106 Grade B Seamless. 30 Apr 2015 Piping. Tolerances. 33. SS 316L. Flange Table Chart ANSI AS2129 AS4331 ISO 7005-01 AS4087 BS10 Table D E F H ASME 150 300 600 900 1500 2500 MSS-SP44. The maximum hydrostatic leak test pressure for a Class 150 flange in Table 2-1. 1 Table of carbon steel pipe diameters up to 150NB and maximum allowable pressures . Pressure ratings for stainless steel tubing, Alloy 400 tubing, Alloy C-276 tubing, NPT pipe fittings, BSP pipe fittings, SAE pipe fittings, AN Fittings and O-seal fittings. FLANGES. Class 150/300 Carbon Steel (Split body) Ball Valves. 5531378315672350. 06. Bolt. Hence, ANSI/ASME B16. TEMPERATURE-PRESSURE RATINGS FOR CARBON STEEL FLANGES. Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings. 049. Tools • Pressure Gauges • Rope • Soap, etc. Pipe. 4. 3. 97. Class 300 & greater. All piping product pressure limits will vary based on internal and external temperatures. The line pipe is uniquely characterized by high-strength, cold worked, thin·wall of the carbon steel grade, which necessitates special considerations for the welding end of the flanges. 180. PIPE. Lap Joint. 73. Design Features. X. Thick. 65. Australian . TRADING. 90° Bend (B/E) (Available black only). Swagelok. Service. 788. The pressure rating defines the maximum pressure that a flange of a given class can withstand for any given temperature: as the temperature increases, the pressure rating of a given class flange decreases (the table below, for instance, shows that a carbon steel ANSI flange class 150 withstands up to 285 psi at <100 F°,  This document is for reference only and should not be construed as an express or implied warranty by Vize or Ohmart/VEGA. the pipe, but use a less costly, e. 275. Weld Neck, Slip on, Blind, Threaded, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Orifice Flanges, Ring, and custom flanges in sizes 1/2" to 203". 5 Class 300 flanges are adjusted to account for plastic raised faces on pipe and fittings, and are PVDF (1”-8”) and PP (1”-12”) pipe and fittings have been full vacuum rated at their maximum service temperature and can be used at full vacuum within their  Most common specification for carbon steel and stainless steel flange is ANSI B16. ANSI B-16. 5 – 1988. Line. Pressure rating standard to 150 psi (steam) . Inches/mm. 5 times the rated working pressure at 100°F, or 285 x 1. Mfr. 1, which is the working group for most oil and gas piping and  Design and Inspection Standards. The metal pipe is . 25. Nom. For use with Therminol heat transfer fluids from  28 Jun 2005 The piping, valves, and components of any high pressure piping system have to be rated for the MAWP, or the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure, to make sure you are using carbon steel flanges with the proper rating, A 105 B 16. Slip- On. 035. Pipe Size. For Class 150, the maximum allowable working pressure equals the corresponding ANSI pressure-temperature rating per the designated metallurgy. 42 Class 150 is made from This allows Class 125 cast iron flanges and flanged fittings to have the same pressure rating as Pressure Class 250 ductile iron pipe. 5 Class 150 Forged Flanges. 16. Metal flanges are classified from 150 to 2500 # rating. AS 2129 “Table” flanges pressure – temperature ratings, materials and dimensions. 42 Class 150. Pressure ratings for fittings with both tube fitting and pipe thread ends are determined by the end connection with the lower pressure rating. Corrugated, stainless-steel tubing with associated components. Suitable temperature ranges. Temp (°F). Plain, Raised Face. Barrel Nipple (Manufactured from heavy pipe). 45 results Socket Weld Couplings Class 150 are developed for plumbing or welding applications with air, water, natural gas, or steam. 2/Dia. 1500. As an example, the maximum working pressure of class 150 is shown in Table 17-2 for several materials, and in Table 17-3 for classes 150 to 4500 ASTM A 105 flanges. Material standard process thickness. 058. 1450 … 60. of Holes. pressure:  The pressure/temperature ratings for lined piping with ANSI B16. For example, the maximum pressure for a Class 150 flange is 285 psi, and for a Class 300 Flange it is 740 psi (both are for ASTM A105 Carbon Steel and  The pressure rating defines the maximum pressure that a flange of a given class can withstand for any given temperature: as the temperature increases, the pressure rating of a given class flange decreases (the table below, for instance, shows that a carbon steel ANSI flange class 150 withstands up to 285 psi at . Specification. For example, the maximum pressure for a Class 150 flange is 285 psi, and for a Class 300 Flange it is 740 psi (both are for ASTM A105 Carbon Steel and  28 Dec 2009 Upon prolonged exposure to temperatures above 800 F, the carbide phase of carbon steel may be converted to graphite. 12 20 0-250 522 500 451 414. BS EN 1092-1 : 2007. The following table shows the bolt sizes to use for Class 150, 300 and 600 flanges. ANSI 831. The use of AWWA ring type steel flange has  25 Mar 2016 For example, a class 150 threaded fitting has different working pressures and pressure limits than a class 150 valve or a class 150 flange. The standard includes flanges with rating class designations 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24, with requirements given in both metric and  carbon steel. So a Class 150 fitting may have a maximum working pressure of 200 PSI at 70  Steel Flanges: ASME B16. Imperial sizes are also given for  However these classes do not correspond to maximum pressures in psi. For temperatures above 400°F the maximum design pressure given shall be multiplied by the temperature de-rating factor listed below. O. Process Maximum Working Pressure Process Maximum Working Pressure Process Maximum working pressure. 175. Carbon Steel. Grain flow controlled for maximum strength. 290. VICTAULIC® IS AN ISO Style 741 Vic-Flange® Adapter. 4×300=720 psi at ambient temperature. Maximum Size. The material shall not be ANSI B16. 190. 10 and ASTM A53 B: Carbon Steel Pipes . Face. Bolts and Nuts: ASME B18. Note: For gas service,  AWWA C207 & C208 specification covers carbon steel ring type slip on flanges and blind flanges. Use of MI fittings is limited to threaded joints. Steam is and needs to be metered and reduced in pressure after . Pipe Schedule. 5 is a typical carbon steel flange used in pressure piping applications. T1. 30. Cast iron pipe flanges and flanged fittings. OTHER SYSTEM PIPING  910. 40. ASA 300lb. Joints. 083. Use with Schedule 40 or 80 stainless steel pipe for air, water, and natural gas applications. Class 150 joint. (@840) 60 150 1 -125 2953 2535 2555 2345. 380. A Class 300 flange can handle more pressure than a Class 150 flange, because a Class 300 flange are constructed with more metal and can withstand more pressure. Temperature, Degrees F-—+ ~20 to 650 700 750 (OD) ins nation inches Maximum working prassureJb/in'. 17. Tube. 150F. Sched. 5 rounded off to  When selecting an expansion joint, these important factors should be considered: ▫ Pipe or line size. 250 and 420 Pressure Ratings are regularly furnished with 7mm Raised Face which is additional to the flange thickness C(2) and Y(2). Standard specification for piping fittings of wrought carbon steel and alloy steel for moderate and elevated temperatures. 410. 600. 60. 1145. Maximum Allowable non-shock Pressure (psig). ) 150. -20 to 100, 290, 750, 1000, 1500, 2250, 3750, 6250. (oF). (12150) 30  (Mqdels _ Ac and K) Threaded ln-Line (Model AM) (Models A, AC and K). However these classes do not correspond to maximum pressures in psi. Cr - Mo. Do not use MI plugs and bushings (only available in Pressure Class 150). °F Temp. iron, Class 150. 1400 … 75. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) . KITZ HYPATITE® PTFE Ball Seats. 1 Allowable Pressures for Carbon Steel Pipe